» TR is a new 1.16 server dedicated to creating an active friendly environment around the globe.

We offer an Earth experience like no other, featuring a committed community and staff team to guide the way to the top of the jungle! With custom crafting, personalized cosmetics, and custom plugins, this once in a life time experience will change the way you play forever. 

 Begin your journey on Java Edition with play.tropicalrealms.com  

» We aim to release at the dawn of December featuring:

    › Custom ranks for both donors and f2p players

    › Pets, perks, particles, and cosmetics to set you apart from your friends

    › The biggest and latest earth map on the market so you can build in true-to-life locations

    › ... and many more features coming after release

 Invite your friends to join our community via discord.topicalrealms.com

» Nitro boosters can get access to our custom "Patron" rank when they boost the discord

    ›  Patron includes custom tags, particles, pets, and keys

We look forward to charting unexplored courses and creating unparalleled experiences with you all!